By Christian ABURIME

Anambra State Governor, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, has assured that Anambra State under his watch is comparatively secured and peaceful six months into his administration

While he agreed that there could be cases of isolated criminalities, the frequency of such occurrences, he pointed out, has reduced to the barest minimum

Governor Soludo made the above assertion while fielding questions from Seun Okinbaloye on “Politics Sunday” aired on Channels Television, Sunday night

Giving a brief overview of his administration over the past six months, Governor Soludo stated that the months have been focused on the core foundational issues of the five key pillars of his administration’s agenda which include security, law and order, economic transformation geared towards having an industrial, technology leisure hub

According to him, these also include re-orientation of value system as well as ensuring a clean and green environment

On insecurity, Governor Soludo asserted that his government came with the carrots and sticks approach as well as strategic engagements with other stakeholders in the state to tame the rising insecurity

He stated that before coming into office, eight local government areas were taken over by the criminals, with more than 15 camps where they operated from.

The Governor however revealed that the situation has become better now with security and calm being restored. For this feat, Governor Soludo commended the people of Anambra for their massive cooperation and partnership as well as the security agencies

Governor Soludo also revealed that marking his six months in office, he flagged off, on the previous day, 60.4 kilometers of strategic roads across the varous senatorial zones in the state. He added that in few months, more roads, totally 220 kms will be flagged off.

He also stated that to end the era of schools without teachers and hospitals without doctors and nurses, his government is recruiting teachers and medical personnel to beef up these institutions for good quality education and better health service delivery in the state

On governance, the Governor said his administration is adopting fiscal prudence by doing more with less.

On environment, Governor Soludo maintained, it remains one of the existential threats in the State after insecurity, with the menace of Erosion plaguing the State which is gradually being controlled with the planting of millions of trees. He also revealed the Regenerative Agricultural Systems is being adopted with the coconut and palm oil economy coming on stream

The philosophy of patronizing made in Anambra products to boost the local economy and good waste management system for a fresher and clean environment are also being rigorously pursued

On the recent attack on Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, Senator representing Anambra South Senatorial Zone, Governor Soludo said the security agencies are on top of situation to fish out the perpetrators of the heinous attack

On the Presidential candidate of Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, Governor Soludo said the LP presidential candidate is his friend and brother and would like to wish him good luck including the APGA presidential candidate, Prof Peter Umeadi, who are both from Anambra State and great sons of the Igbo nation

By Christian ABURIME

Governor of Anambra State, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo has called for regional and national synergy to effectively tackle insecurity in the Country.

Governor Soludo was speaking while featuring on “Politics Sunday”, TV programme anchored by Seun Okinbaloye, aired on Channels Television to mark his six months anniversary in office as Governor.

Fielding questions from the anchor, Governor Soludo stressed that all crime is local.

“It’s unfortunate that security is still an all low.

“There is no crime free society anywhere in the world. Eight point five million (8.5) million residents of Anambra can testify that insecurity has come down; though, compared to other states in Nigeria, Anambra will rank as part of the top ten most secured states.

“Before we came in, there was widespread insecurity, but we are still determined to fight crime to a still. About 15 criminal camps have been decimated. We have degraded their infrastructure. However, occasionally, you may have few clashes.

“But, Anambra has been quiet, relatively calm and peaceful as we pursue our agenda of a liveable and prosperous homeland”.

Commenting on last Sunday attack on Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, Governor Soludo said that there are all kinds of theories as to what happened to him. The security agencies are already on the matter.

On the brighter side, the Governor expressed happiness that Anambra people are taking back their communities.

“People now celebrate new yam festival, we hosted the Cardinal and the Bishops in Nigeria, the fashion expo, and so on and so forth. And some weeks back the international community, Ambassadors and other development partners were here in Anambra and were taken round the State. These things won’t disappear over night. But we are putting in our best to make Anambra safe and secure.

Referring to the criminals, Governor Soludo said, “They are calling them unknown gun men. No, they are plain criminals who hide under the cloak of agitation. Because Anambra happen to be home to many rich men, the criminality has turned out to be a lucrative criminality and promoting idolatry. We have been catching quite a number of them and 100 percent of those we caught are Igbos.

According to the Governor; “When we started, we found out that many of the criminals were not from Anambra, but when we continued, we discovered that a number of them that have been initiated and indoctrinated, are from Anambra. Thank God that our people are now coming up. That’s how we are picking the criminals.

The Governor who sounded a note of warning that anybody in the bush or camp is considered a criminal, reiterated that these criminals come from homes, and they have parents and relations.

“The security issue in Anambra is not perculiar to Anambra. We have devised our means, working with the security operatives and the people.

“Anambra is getting quieter, compared to what is happening in most states of Nigeria.

Baring his mind on the 2023 General election, Governor Soludo reiterated that election and population census will happen in Anambra.

Said the Governor, “We have over 2 million registered people in Anambra and we want them to be able to cast their votes.

On his relations with the Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Mr Peter Obi, Governor Soludo said “Peter Obi is my brother and friend. I wish him well. On the other hand, I’m a member of APGA which has a candidate in the person of Professor Peter Umeadi. When the ban on campaign is lifted, our own party will roll out our plans”, the Governor stressed.

Apart from speaking on a number of issues in Anambra State, the Governor extensively spoke on his administration’s huge agenda, pointing out that the ‘Soludo solution’ mantra is fully on course in providing dividends of democracy for the people.

“We have set out on what I call the key foundational issues. We are tackling the issues surrounding security, environment and so on and so forth. We are recruiting teachers and doctors, putting foundation for fiscal prudence. So we’ve come very determined to actualize our vision of a liveable and prosperous homeland in Anambra State”, Governor Soludo further reassured!


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