“Her heart is Exquisite! She’s genuine, loving, kind, compassionate, and generous. An awe-inspiring soul is what she is! She is joy, she is light, she is Love”
(Stephanie Lahart)

The above, depicts the personality and the true picture of you Nono Nonye Soludo. What more can we add?

You have been so magnanimous in your support to our principal, your hubby Prof. Cee Cee Soludo, in all these years of togetherness.

We in ALL SOLUDO SUPPORT GROUPS(ASSG) earnestly pray to the Most High God, to grant you, one Special Birthday Gift.
This gift is none other than VICTORY AT ANAMBRA GUBER POLLS for Prof. Cee Cee Soludo come November 6th 2021, that our joy can be complete.

We pray thee O’ Lord🙏

On behalf of SSG Lagos State Chapter, We say: Happy Birthday “Nwanyi Oma” and remain everly lifted.

Hon. Lion Tony Ezeigwe Rlli
Secretary, SSG Lagos State Chapter

Hon. Anthony Okeke (Ezekwueche)
Coordinator, SSG Lagos State Chapter


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