By Christian ABURIME

The global economy has taken a downward surge. Nations are getting into recessions, with the possibility of others slipping deeper into depression.

Businesses have closed down. And many people are out of job. No country has been spared of this ‘Economic Holocaust” ravaging the entire global community, engendered by one single pandemic

The world needs new breed of leaders who can think out of the box. And perhaps, throw the ‘box’ away!

Leaders who have the uncanny gift to see tomorrow. Visionary leaders with a discerning eyes for the future

Leaders who are knowledgeable, imbued with strong and unassailable character, swift in thinking and daring in action!

This is where Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo comes in. A man with a legacy of distinctions! A reservoir of knowledge and ideas. Firm, bold and forward-looking!

Prof Charles Soludo has proved from time to time that he is a man with “an eye ahead of time”

His banking consolidation, his setting up of the African Finance Corporation, (AFC) are a few pointers to a great mind that is ahead of its time

Soludo has quite a lot of plans up his sleeves for Ndi-Anambra. He envisages a state of Anambra where things will work. A livable state that will be the safest, secured, happiest and most prosperous in Africa. A place where the world can come to invest, live, work and enjoy!

He solemnly believes in the vision of one state, one people and one agenda for Ndi-Anambra.

In several fora he has had the opportunity to speak, Cee Cee Soludo has always praised the indefatigable business spirit of Anambra people. A people so endowed with great talents and skills.

He has often asserted with so much confidence that “When Ndi-Anambra is organised and mobilised, the people creative-energy knows no bounds”

This is Soludo’s affirmation of his deep belief and unwavering confidence in his people.

His slogans has always been from time past on the need for Ndi-Anambra to come together and collectively build the state

” Collectively let’s put Anambra on the world map by working together as one united family”

He believes everyone has a role to play by making his or her talents and time available towards building a virile and better Anambra state that will accommodate all.

With the new world economy, and the fast dwindling global oil revenues, and the devastating impact of COVID-19 pandemic, a new world order is certainly here with us. We either live with it or perish with it, if we refuse to do the needful.

The 2021, November 6, Anambra governorship election is a beacon of hope for Ndi Anambra to redefine history and change the trajectory of the political firmanent in the state.

This, we can achieve, by electing our most distinguished son, Prof Charles Soludo, to lead Anambra state into the new world order

Therefore, Ndi-Anambra must not bungle this great opportunity, let us rise with one voice, one spirit and one purpose by ensuring Cee Cee Soludo emerges the governor-elect in a landslide victory come November 6 this year!

NOTE: This is an abridged article first published January 2021


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