Another tragedy has come upon the Anambra All Progressive Congress. Ndi Anambra is running away from their campaign rallies. All the same, it is cheering that the party has finally woken up from its slumber and decided to make the campaign rounds. This may be a decoy or whatever, but by this action, APC has busted its nauseating spin that it has already written the result of the election in favour of its candidate. The takeaway here for those who are milling around the party for lucre is caution. We can bet that APC will spew more spins before the election. One is clear, Ndi Anambra is ready and willing to come out and vote for their preferred and most qualified candidate on November 6.

From the look of things, it seems that the once-booming APC transfer window for unprincipled Politicians has closed. It is either that the signing fee has dried up or that politicians are dining with the party with long spoon because of its reputation for raw deals. Our investigation reveals that the problem is the good people of Anambra distancing themselves from anybody who dines with APC. As earlier stated, APC is facing another uphill challenge following its decision to come out from its cocoon and campaign. How?

There is a deep-rooted stigma in Anambra for anybody that has any association with APC. Such person is seen as working against the people’s collective interest- a SABOTEUR who has been bought. The joke around the state today is ” have you been bought” a reference to the APC’ s futile spending spree to buy the love, support and votes of the Ndi Anambra. It is therefore tragic that despite the huge amount spent on signing on politicians by the party, it is having difficulty gathering people for its rallies. Poor APC, it has resorted to procuring people from all local governments and adjoining states for each of its outing. And we wonder, shouldn’t they read the handwriting on the wall and throw in the towel.What they are currently doing is akin to taking the horse to the stream and forcing it to drink. This can’t work because Anambra is not Imo. The alternative is for them to ask their spin doctors to come up with another propaganda from their deception box to attempt once more to intimidate the people into submission.

Unfortunately, they do not know the resolve of the people to keep their cherished winning team that has made them proud and has continued to bring them happiness. Up APGA! Up Soludo!

Be of good cheer!!

Joe C Anatune
Writes from Awa.


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