One thing I love about Osodieme is that she does not believe in giving people fish rather she teaches people how to catch fish and be self reliant.

She did exactly what she is known for yesterday by empowering 300 ndi Anambra that finished her sponsored skill acquisition training.

Recall that from the inception of Governor Obiano’s administration, Osodieme came up with Caring Family Enhancement initiative popularly known as CAFE.

When she founded CAFE , she was quoted of saying that “whenever and wherever life is touched that government her succeeded ” and that is to say that her understanding of government success is touching lives positively in our society.

Osodieme gives people everlasting empowerment.

Infact, her empowerment will give you positive embarrassment because what you will see her doing for people is what they least expected.

I Evang Chinedu Obigwe Akaekpuchionwa is a living witness and a beneficiary of Osodieme kind heart hence the reason why I don’t shy away from telling people that am a fanatical follower of Governor Obiano that is my political follower and Osodieme that I refer to as my one in a million mum.

Osodieme empowered 300 people yesterday in a way that they will be catching fish and be self reliant.

The 300 people went through different types of skill acquisition training sponsored by Osodieme and after that she empowered them to start their on business.

Anybody that knows Osodieme will not be surprised because what she did yesterday is what gives her joy.

We are in a wicked World were people are not happy with the progress of their fellow human being but on the part of Osodieme, she is happy empowering people to progress.

Osodieme’s empowerment is on different angles and they are; political angle, business angle, health angle, Job provision angle, Housing project angle to the extent that she makes people Landlord and Landlady within a blink of an eye.

Many widows in Anambra and other downtrodden people are proud owners of a well furnished house, courtesy of Osodieme.

Lots of people that are having health issues had their health problems solved by Osodieme.

Some of them that their case is severe , she will sponsor their treatment abroad.

The physically challenged were not left out because Osodieme is reaching out to them to the extent that many of them that lost hope had that lost hope restored.

The faces of the 300 people empowered yesterday beamed with smiles because they know that they are waving bye bye to poverty by being able to provide for their needs.

I always say that if you have not encountered Osodieme that you are missing in action.

You need to encounter her, benefit from her good heart that is overflowing with milk of kindness and feel on top of the World.

The good news is that Osodieme has taken steps to ensure that even after Governor Obiano’s tenure that she will continue touching lives positively in our society on the platform of CAFE.

Kudos to Anambra Mother Theresa and may God reward her for all her kind gestures to people in our society.

If you have not encountered Osodieme, you need to sing this song so that you will encounter her in a miraculous way and smile all your lifetime.

Below is the song.

As you are going around doing good, (chorus) as you are going around doing, do not forsake me Osodieme.

Daalu nu.

I remain your truth advocate, Evang Chinedu Obigwe (Akaekpuchionwa and Chinyelugo 1 of Ogbaru)National co-ordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum.


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