The political tendencies or behaviours of Senator Andy Uba is akin to the ways of gamblers. He gambled through the last Anambra Governorship election not to win but to resuscitate his deteriorating financial state. It is public knowledge that his bankers have been after him over deluges of bad debts. Having made a kill by hoodwinking many stakeholders to financially back his governorship bid, Uba is at the tribunal to keep hope alive that he can still be governor or as a way to gain time so that those big financial backers can get used to the reality that he cannot be governor and get on with their lives. Let us reveal how he pulled this big political financial scam.

The Wily Fox saw great opportunity in the All Progressives Congress (APC) control of 24 states, the federal government and the numerous businessmen and contractors as very lucrative sources of fundraising, moreso as every political party desires to be in government in Anambra State, given its pre-eminence in the scheme of things in the South East. However, he needed to secure the party’s ticket through a direct primaries process. Uba is not known to believe in the contestation of ideas and values with the voters in gaining political power as all his political contests has amply shown. Somehow, he muscled his way through a hugely disputed primary election and became the APC flag bearer. The subterfuge that ensued are public knowledge and worth repeating for emphasis.

The spin spewed was the need for Anambra to be in the centre. Not done, mayhem never experienced in the State was unleashed to scare and intimidate voters. Then the political shop window came alive wherein the mercenaries smiled to their banks. While these were going on, and as a way of beating the voters into line, there came the threat of imposing a contravened state of emergency but the biggest spin was that Mr. Uba had the election result in his favour and in his pocket, as the APC-led federal government was allegedly poised to conquer Anambra by hook or crook.

We heard that money flowed in billions from the sources we have noted he had identified. Bullion vans were displayed here and there as evidence. He was indeed on the gravy train which from the onset was the purpose. However Anambra voters were neither amused nor interested. He came a distant third position without winning his local government or even one local government for that matter. Nobody can describe his electoral disgrace better than Senator Joy Emordi who said that, “Andy dachalu chinie ukwu enu.”

Now, Uba is not your Kenny Rogers kinda “gambler” who knows when to “run or walk away,” so he keeps giving hope to his financiers that he will still be governor through the courts. He knows he will not, but he wants to buy time to heal the wounds his disappointing outing has inflicted on those who bought his grand deception story. He knows that time has a way of healing wounds.

Ndi Anambra have moved on and no one seriously awaits Andy Uba as governor.

Be of good cheer!!

Joe C. Anatune
Writes from Awa


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