By Izuchukwu Adichie

The current threat of peace, destruction of our people’s properties and investment, and waste of innocent citizens’ lives in Anambra by visiting brothers from other southeastern states who preferred to arm themselves inside the bush is unacceptable.

The rising devilish activities against the host, ndi-Anambra are known for being peaceful in co-habitating, friendly and industrious, by their visitors must be stopped at all cost. Ndi-Anambra must rise to claim back their land from the mindless invaders!

No one pursues freedom for the people and commits heinous crimes on them from inside the bush except criminals. The numerous kidnapping of ndi-Anambra, snatching of their cars, wives, and children, attacking their government properties, closing down their Monday’s activities including schools, taxing families, and shops before they could hold events and open for business is a criminal act and not true acts agitation.

What are they agitating for, from inside the bush, armed, if not they are operating a criminal enterprise? Anyone, any man armed in the bush is a common criminal and will be treated as such according to the law.

We say NO to cannibals and elohimism disguised as freedom fighting.


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