Yes, let us go with Soludo Solution. It pays to do so whether as a delegate to the APGA primaries slated for June 23, 2021 or as a prospective voter for the governorship election billed for November 6, 2021. Soludo Solution, as a matter of fact, represents triumph over adversity, happiness over sadness and plenty over want. I figure you are wondering how?

Time was, when we go to our banks with mats. Endless man-hours were spent doing transactions, which we now do from the comfort of our bedrooms with our mobile phones or at worst, a dash to the nearest POS outlet. Recall the days you would put your cash under your pillow, instead of the banks for fear of losing the money. Or those days our traders travelled long distances with wads of cash, with all the attendant risks. All you do now is transfer from your phone and the goods are delivered.

The thriving e-commerce industry, which is threatening the brick and mortar business method, wouldn’t have been possible under the old and suffocating banking regime.

The foregoing were made possible by a man who always sees a beautiful tomorrow – Cee Cee Soludo, fondly called Soludo Solution.

Closer home and on a personal level, Soludo keeps sharing happiness among parents of Amoji Primary School, Umueze, Isuofia. The parents of the pupils who hail from Isuofia and adjoining communities of Ekwulobia, Umuona, Ikenga, Igboukwu, etc, now see new possibilities for their children, going by the qualitative education their children are receiving, which is responsible for many of them coming out in flying colours in competitive national school entrance examinations. This is outside the fact that tuition is free, uniforms and sandals which are provided twice yearly are free and more importantly, the pupils are taught by some of the best crop of teachers in the state. Amoji Primary school has become a breeding ground for the next Dr. Nnamdi Azikwes, M. I. Okparas, Dim Odumegu Ojukwus, Chinua Achebes, Dr. Alex Ekwuemes, Prof. Chukwuma Soludos, etc. Amoji is Soludo’s social investment initiative to halt the dynasty of poverty, which our current segregated educational system is spurning in our society.

In all these, Soludo is driven by his belief that a good and modern society does not just happen. It demands thinking and doing.

Now, you can begin to imagine the endless possibilities and opportunities he can create, when he becomes the next Governor of Anambra State, after the expiration of the tenure of Governor Willie Obiano. He will build great men and women, who are fit for the challenges of a fast digitalising world, and together, he will build a magnificent city state, where the world will flock around to live, work and enjoy.

So, come, let us go with Solution on June 23 and November 6, 2021 for our happiness.

Joe C. Anatune
Anatune writes from Awa


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