On Saturday 12th of November 2022, the APGA standard bearer and House of Assembly Candidate, Aguata 2 Constituency,Hon Tony Muobike (Ogbuefi) attended the Catholic Women Organisation Ekwulobia Diocese(CWO-CADEK) Maiden Convention/Fundraising for the erection of a multi-purpose CWO building,installation of Grand Patrons and Patronesses and conferment of honours / awards. His lovely mother, the Emeritus Organizer, CWO Igboukwu Deanery, Ezinne Bernadette Muobike was conferred with a distinguished award / honour for her tireless effort in the upliftment of the church in Awka Diocese and current Ekwulobia Diocese.

Hon Tony Muobike was accompanied to the venue of the convention by some members of his campaign team, and APGA chieftains including the chairman APGA, Aguata Local Government Area Hon Vitalis Okolakor (Ezenwamadu), the local government secretary Engr Pius Ezeudu, Hon Cyril Marchaty Nwobu (Miri OAU), Mr. Emeka Muobike among others .
While making his speech he eulogized the Director (CWO_CADEK), organizers of the event and the entire Catholic Women Organisation Of the Catholic Diocese of Ekwulobia for their unrelenting support, dedication and commitment to the Church and nation building.

Sir Tony Muobike disclosed that being the son of the Emeritus Organizers, CWO Igboukwu Deanery he has the rare opportunity to experience firsthand the great efforts and sacrifice that the Catholic Women Organisation make in order to sustain the work of God and build holy families.He asked God to continue to bless our mothers and wished them a blissful convention.

On the 2023 general elections , Hon Tony Muobike described women as active voters and asked them to vote for him for the House of Assembly seat promising that his legislative agenda will focus more on women empowerment and job creation to reduce unemployment and insecurity in the state.

On Why CWO_CADEK must vote for all the APGA candidates, Hon Tony Muobike explained that the Governor has started massive construction of roads virtually in all the local governments in the state and needs a supportive legislature in order to complete the work already started. He recounted the achievements of the present government within the last seven months including the restoration of security, recruitment of about five thousand teachers in the school system, recruitment of hundreds of hospital staff and restructuring of the revenue generation system.

Responsding , the Director CWO-CADEK appreciated Hon Tony Muobike and the entire family of Ezinne Bernadette Muobike for their great contributions and support to the church.

Communicated by Hon Tony Muobike Media Team.


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