The Governor of Anambra state, Families, friends, colleagues, and well-wishers from all parts of the world came together to Eziobuikpa village in Awa, Anambra state to pay their last respect to the Anatune family on the demise of their son, father, brother; Late Chief Josiah Chukwudi Anatune (Onwa n’ awa) who died on the 30th of April 2022, aged 62 after a brief illness.

The presiding priest focused his sermon on building and living a respectable life like the late Chief Joe’s. He pointed out that man is not made to live in this world forever hence, we should focus on building a memorable legacy with trustworthy traits in all our endeavours. He spoke on the admirable characteristics of late Chief Joe and the philanthropic deeds he had pulled in the Awa community.

Prior to his death, Chief Josiah Anatune also known as the Big Joe was known to be an amazing father, a great mentor, icon, husband, and the convener of the Soludo Promoter’s forum that promoted Governor Soludo during the last governorship election. He was an Advertising practitioner, the managing director/ chief executive officer of Anambra Signage and Advertising Agency (ANSAA), a marketing guru, a true friend, a great thinker, a big brand builder, philanthropist, Awa’s pillar of thoughts and an inspiring leader with a charming personality-filled passion and love for his people. He was all this and many more to his community Awa and to Anambra state at large.

The Governor in his speech consoled his family, friends and community. He went down the memory lane with his time with Joe, when he first met him in 2004 and the last time they spoke on the morning of his death. He pointed out that late Chief Joe’s absence is a big hole nobody can ever replace and for the sake of all of us, his dreams for Anambra state will not go to waste, he said.

The Governor also took the opportunity to give the Awa community the good news on the ongoing project taking place in their community. He promised the people on the repair of the road in the community leading to the capital city will be completed before the end of this year.



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