In fact, I would dare to say, in the hierarchy of the Gregorian calendar it is July and others (don’t ask me why). For some inexplicable reasons the month has birthed a galaxy of Stars who have in various ways brightened the dark horizons of humanity.

The list is quite inexhaustible.

Beautiful things happen in July, one of which is my Birthday and that of my Queen — Nonye. So, when I take July personal it is because of the sentimental attachment I have to the month.

To mark this beautiful month, we shall be hosting a virtual competition for young people. Details will be announced on this page. Stay glued! Meanwhile, I would like to know the many other Great humans who are July Borns. Mention their names and celebrate them in a special way.

May the beauty of July continue to radiate in your lives. Happy New Month.

CC Soludo


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