The good and gladdening news is that we are making progress on the kneels of the joint statement by the Anambra government and other stakeholders. Economic activities thrived in Awka and parts of Onitsha. Mobility was not impaired. The people’s power is gradually gaining momentum. The enemies of our people will in the coming days strike ferociously to imbue fear. They will fail.

It is clear that we are holding the scrappy end of the stick. While, for instance, children of other progressive states get five days of academic work, ours get four. The economy is near comatose.

Like any other generation, this is an existential threat facing us. Let’s rise and tame these rampaging lions and collectively savour the glory. Time is now – especially as there is a state government that has the political will to stay the course.

Message from The Anambra Patriots (TAP)


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