By Christian ABURIME

Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, the All Progressives Grand Alliance, (APGA), gubernatorial candidate for the November 6, Anambra State governorship election has over the time consistently maintained that Anambra is a promised land. A land that will flow with ‘milk and honey’ when fully harnessed

For Cee Cee Soludo, Anambra state will become an ‘Island of Prosperity’ in no distant future when the full potentials of the human resource is fully harnessed and unleashed.

The world acclaimed Professor of Economics had in previous fora said with the entrepreneurship ability and business acumen of the great people of Anambra state, the state is poised to witness radical and transformatory changes in the coming future. Also putting into consideration the ‘pillars of infrastructural development the incumbent governor, Willie Obiano has put in place

While on consultation tours to Local Government Areas across Anambra state before the APGA primaries where he emerged winner on a landslide victory, Cee Cee Soludo had consistently told his audience what he would do if he becomes governor of Anambra state

The ultimate, he had said, is to make Anambra State a ‘livable and prosperous homeland’ for all. An Island of Prosperity where the world can come to do business, work, invest, live and enjoy

“The world will come to Anambra state as the best choice for investment by both foreign and local investors” An investment haven in the heart of Eastern Nigeria!

Soludo has also insisted, that any child born in Anambra state wouldn’t have any cause to migrate to big cities like Lagos or Abuja in search of greener pastures but would be able to attain his or her full potentials in a more prosperous Anambra state that will come to be under his guidianship !

He had also assured that in addition to government regular employment or political appointments for the youths in Anambra state, that he will also inspire and encourage the youths to imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship by putting in place an enabling environment that will help create one thousand youth millionaires every year who will in turn create employment opportunities for others

Prof Soludo however stated that to achieve this lofty dream, everyone should be ready to be part and parcel of the vision by making available their talents and skills towards its realization.

“Let’s come together to build and make Anambra state great”, he would often appeal to the people

He has also said that when this vision comes fully on stream, Ndi Anambra in the diaspora will be proud to return home and contribute their own quota to the growth and development of the state

Anambra state, he asserted, will be the safest, most prosperous and happiest state in the world with the emergence of the envisioned prosperous homeland!

This is the Soludo dream! The dream of an uncommon leader with an infectious passion to serve his people!!!

For the good people of Anambra state, now is the time to make good the Soludo’s dream by voting en mass for him as the next governor of Anambra state come November 6, 2021!

It’s doable! I stand with Soludo!


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