By Christian ABURIME

“Our children and youths constitute the bridge to the future, and their future is the future of Nigeria”

Above are the immutable words of Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo concerning the children and youths of Nigeria.

During the Endsars protest, Soludo’s courageous and timely intervention showed candidly that he was someone who is youth friendly, supportive of the Nigerian youths and a listening leader.

Perhaps, It will not be out of place to say that wasn’t the first time Cee Cee Soludo will be intervening in matters pertaining to the youths. He has always identified with them as a father, leader, teacher and mentor.

Today, it is practically true to say Soludo stands out as one of the shinning mentors to millions of Nigerian youths.

Soludo himself was a child-prodigy. His academic excellence including his sterling achievements in life remained a veritable source of reference for most Nigerian youths.

The Nigerian youths, Anambra youths inclusive, deserve the best. They have no other country but Nigeria. Reason Cee Cee Soludo at every speaking engagements had continously assured the youths in Anambra state that he will create an enabling environment for them to excel and maximise their full potentials if elected governor of Anambra state by their support

“*He had reassured that in addition to government regular employment or political appointments for the youths in Anambra State, that he will also inspire and encourage them to imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship by putting in place an enabling environment that will help create one thousand youth millionaires every year who will in turn create employment opportunities for others if elected Governor of Anambra State by their support”

Cee Cee Soludo had hinged his statement on the philosophy of teaching the youths how to fish as a means of further galvanising wealth creation and industrial development of Anambra State

These are the words of an honest and sincere leader ready to serve his people with his full heart

Come November 6, 2021 let Ndi Anambra rise in unison and vote Cee Cee Soludo as Governor of Anambra State! Surely, it is doable!!


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