There has been a deliberate attempt by mischief makers to mischaracterise what happened earlier in the day at the Appellate Court sitting in Kano over the appeal by APGA and Victor Oye against the Birnin Kudu judgement.

It has become imperative to set the records straight for the benefit of concerned Ndi Anambra.

Recall that the Court of Appeal had granted APGA and Victor Oye the leave to appeal against the Jigawa judgment, as interested parties but however, dismissed a similar application in that regard by Njoku.

Having thus granted the leave which incorporates their appeal, the coast was clear for the hearing of the appeal on the merit.

That was what took place today.

After the adoption of the respective addresses of the parties, the Court, in line with global practice, adjourned the appeal for judgement to a date to be communicated to the respective parties, not “sine die” as paraded in some quarters. Again, this is the standard practice in contemporary adjudicatory procedure.

Finally, there’s the little matter being bandied that APGA and Oye’s appeal is “incurably defective” for purportedly being filed out of time. This, again, is only but a figment of the imagination of its purveyors.

APGA and Oye’s appeal is not a specie of pre-election matter per Section 285(14) of the 1999 Constitution. It should be recalled that the substance of the appeal is on the question of the authentic leadership of APGA between Messrs Victor Oye and Jude Okeke.

The appeal has nothing to do with the nomination, selection or primary election of APGA; all which would have brought it in the realm of a pre election suit. We have no doubt therefore that that contention is a non-starter.

For now, the ball is fully in the court of the Court. May justice prevail!

— Mazi Ejimofor


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