Orumba North and South delegates open your eyes, they are many in the state and federal government for years without any achievement, rather, they use the public funds for their personal benefits. Orumba cannot go back again but forward and that can only be achievable with Hon. ThankGod Ibeh (Uzokamma)

When the palm fruit gets ripe on the palm fronds, it requires a bird with a long beak for the harvest. A bird with extraordinary dexterity, stamina, and ability. Orumba north and south federal constituency, the palm fruit has ripped on the palm fronds. But the question is, who is that bird with a long beak that can go and skillfully harvest the ripped palm fruit on the palm fronds and bring it home. Hon.ThankGod Kenechukwu Christopher Ibeh is the only proverbial bird that can harvest ripped palm fruit on the palm fronds.

Ezebunafor have being financing and supporting our great party both in Lagos State, Anambra state, and the entire Orumba. Ezebunafor has perfectly demonstrated that he is the most qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable aspirant to represent Orumba North and South Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives.

There is no doubt that Hon.ThankGod Kenechukwu Christopher Ibeh is a man that believes in his people and hasn’t tested any Political position but still, He showed that APGA is his own party and he has shown dedication and obedience to the party leadership. It is therefore time for him to exploit his experience for the betterment of Orumba’s north and south federal constituency at the House of Representatives.

This is therefore an appeal and submission of reasons why Orumba North and South Delegates have to task themselves and be responsive in voting for Hon.ThankGod Kenechukwu Christopher Ibeh in this forthcoming primary election. He is undoubtedly the most qualified, experienced, skilled, and ready for the job. Support for him is a Win! Win!! Win!!! Vote for APGA and the entire Orumba north and south federal constituency.

Onochie@Uzokamma media team


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