Whoever that is frothing out these kinds of write-ups for a whole Dist. Senator Andy must be living in the City of Eldorado and in Fools Paradise.

Everything about this ROAD CONNECTIVITY sounds like the work of a 2nd Year Student of a University. Like the work of a teen who is out to impress more than he expresses.

But before I take the quote Inside the graphic work, line by line, let me honestly commend the graphic designer for beautiful work, he earned his contract sum.

Now we go:

1- Provision of Standard and Durable Road Network is one of the basic functions of Government this sounds like a first-term note for an SS1 Student.

Anambra is already aware of the functions of Government, which is one of the reasons for the very high Political Consciousness in the State. You could have spared us the Pol 101.

2: We Will Connect The 3 Main Economic Centers of Anambra State With Six-Lane Boulevard. Unu anukwa Boulevard? If the 3 main Economic Centers of Anambra according to the exciting media and Manifesto people of our dear brother are; Awka, Nnewi, and Onitsha, then, this road will definitely be about 79.2 × 6 Kilometers altogether! With trees and flowers planted along the whole length of The BOULEVARD! wow! Don’t go away already, that’s, 1,2,3,4,5,6 Lanes! Nsogbu Dikwa! Can someone please help me calculate the cost of a Kilometer road times 475.2, in Naira, that’s the expected expenditure just for the Team Andy L-form Boulevard in only 4 years, assuming he wins? I deliberately didn’t add the cost of planting and maintaining the trees.

What a Beautiful Castle in the Air!

My Dear Reader, if this is not a hallucination, what is?

8 years in the Presidency as a de facto Vice President of Nigeria, how many roads and Boulevards did the person you are writing for bringing The Federal government to rehabilitate in Uga his home talkless of Aguata, OAU and Anambra.

8 years as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, how many roads and lanes of Boulevards was he able to put in the Federal budget for construction or rehabilitation. Other Senators did it.

Is it now that he wants to give Anambra State the unimaginable 6 lanes Boulevard.
How many Boulevards are in Uga?

Aruruala adirókwanù mna👂🏽

Maybe the writer is not from Anambra, maybe a kind of Deye Adeyanji Sabi everything kind of hired job

Can someone reduce the dose of tramadol for these People, please?

3- … Connecting all Communities With Durable Roads With A Minimum Of 25 Years Life Span Ndi be anyi, egwu ebidosia fu! But all these are still just about Road connectivity. This kind of play-play, expressed in writing can really expose the insincerity in the whole team of a Contestant. Unu ejizina Ndi Anambra añú garri

Anambra already has a fifty years development plan, and Prof Soludo is coming to complete the take-off with the required speed under our one and only APGA.


Thank You


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