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Re: Why Is Prof. Chukwuma Soludo Jealous of Adaora Umeoji?


Kenneth Nwachukwu

Truely, Adaorah Umeoji/Zenith Bank, Anambra is not for sale!

A prominent 1st class traditional ruler in Anambra State, once said to me that if we were in a clime where merits and capacities are recognized as against mundane factors that impedes the growth of black Africa, Soludo should have no rivalry in this election.

This very exposed and educated traditional ruler also told me that Anambra is riddled with men and women that has distinguished themselves in various fields of human endeavours. However, if pegs were made to fit their holes, Soludo is the fitting peg for the leadership hole that beacons in Anambra State.

For Publilius Syrus, anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. But certainly not now the waters are troubled. Nigeria is bleeding on all angle, and men and women who should know better would rather choose to be politically correct than prudent in thoughts. It’s really a time we need leaders who can transform visions into reality.

Pitiably, those who seem oblivious of the reality on ground and the sorry state of our nation, are determined to put their primordial interest and the interest of financial institutions they serve, to cause disruption, and hinder the will of the masses from manifesting. A mission impossibile! If you may borrow that phrase from the popular American blockbuster movie.

The people of Anambra are willing to transition into a place of political, economic and social rest. The kind of rest Soludo assures, the kind Soludo gave the financial institution in Nigeria and the kind he has promised to deliver in Anambra.

One wonders what a man who became the Chief Financial Officer of the country in his forties, by virtue of his position as CBN Governor and the defacto Regulator of all commercial banks including Zenith Bank (with the powers to withdraw or suspend any at will), would be jealous about in a younger sister who has become one of the Deputy Directors in Zenith Bank? A position that doesn’t even qaulify her to attend management meetings of commercial Bank MD’s and the CBN Governor.

Soludo that I know would not be party to running any onye Anambra down. However, many of us who has thrown caution to the wind in this mission of setting Anambra on the track of socio-economic El-dorado, will not let enemy drums sound on the battle field.

Anambra, ekene mu unu!!!

Mr. Kenneth Nwachukwu
APGA stakeholder Awka South



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