… x-raying the mind of a Great Thinker!

By Christian ABURIME

“The African Dubai -Taiwan (ADT) is my dream for my people. I am convinced God has willed that this dream is one whose time has come: there is no going back”

The foregoing are the immutable words of Professor Chukwuma Soludo about “The African Dubai -Taiwan”, dream, a pet project he believes so much in

Soludo has been a great dreamer, idealist, optimist, a man of immeasurable gifts, talents, strengths and a deep thinker

A man who has gone farther than what most of us can see. A man imbued with a great faith for the good of humanity. And a man whose faith seems to have ran ahead of his great mind. A faith imbued with enduring enthusiasm and incurable optimism

Henry Chester stated, “enthusiasm is nothing more or less than faith in action.” While Helen Keller opined that “optimism is the faith that leads to achievement”

A man’s action and achievement determines the kind of leader he is. Prof Soludo’s performance in public office has proved that he is a leader who can “take action and achieve results”

His pet dream, the ‘African Dubai -Taiwan project’, is one dream the erudite Professor is sure and confident of bringing to fruition for Ndi-Anambra that will transform lives and create a happy and productive society

Like the dreamer and thinker that he is, Soludo can visualize the ADT project in his mind, thoughts and vision. He believes absolutely that it is doable, achievable and realisable.

At every point, Soludo has always harped on the possibility of this dream with so much enthusiasm and optimism nourished with vigour, action and clear vision

Why is Soludo so obsessed with his ADT dream? The truth is, the ADT is a big dream in the heart of Soludo designed to benefit everyone. The dream will not only provide the gateway to Anambra state but will open the entire South Eastern region to the outside world and by extension put the nation on the world map of economic prosperity and massive foreign investments. The dream is a win, win, for all !

Soludo’s humble intention is to build on previous achievements on ground by replicating the massive economic revolution and planning as seen in other developed countries in his father’s land if given the opportunity

The thrust of Soludo’s ADT, as encapsulated in his mind, is to build the first model, international city in Nigeria after Abuja. A new and befitting city that will create the synergy, linking the major cities of Anambra state into a Mega City. The envisioned key features of the new city would include, among others:

A functional and industrial hub for at least 3,000 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that will create more than 300,000 jobs (with internally provided electricity that will be ultimately linked to the electricity grid)

Build an Independent Power Plant for Anambra state in partnership with the private sector

Anambra Shopping World (ASW); biggest shopping mall in Africa to be established

A world class Nollywood Studios that will churn out quality ‘contents’ that will sell Anambra and the rest of the country to the world

Build the Emeagwali Information Communication Technology (ICT) Village that will revolutionize ICT in the entire region

There will be New City layout of planned residential areas, schools, entertainment etc

Key cities such as Onitsha, Nnewi, Awka will have a master-plan which will be faithfully implemented with developed ‘city centres’, green landscape, recreational and good infrastructure, sewage and waste disposal structure, physical infrastructure, Five Star hotels, etc

The Anambra Mega City Authority (AMCA) will oversee the development and management of the new city

The foregoing are snippets of Soludo’s dreams and aspirations for the good people of Anambra and Ndigbo, which he is fully committed to, and ready to actualize if given the opportunity.

To give affirmation to his belief in the ADT, Soludo said as quoted below:

“Let us roll our sleeves and go to work. With a clear vision, a comprehensive plan, and a people mobilized to go beyond self into collective action, I dream to see the skyline along the Niger river bank; to see five star hotels in Onitsha and Awka; to see the tourist zones along the Anambra river; the recreational centres; the elite and middle class residential areas planned; private world-class schools; and world class infrastructure.”

The Soludo ADT dream as gleaned from above is a super template when fully unveiled. It is a dream waiting to come to fruition. And as we gradually move closer and closer to the Anambra 2021 Governorship election, there is a choice available for Ndi Anambra. Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo is the choice!

If Soludo can think it, surely he can do it. The onus is on Ndi Anambra to do the needful !

Note: This is an abridged article first published in 2019


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