By Izuchukwu Adichie

Just last week, the disruptive Cee-Cee Soludo demonstrated his intention for good governance, for a greater Anambra.
He shocked the world with his remodeling approach aimed at restoration of hope on the soul of Igboland, rescuing families who are left to grow under the scorch of hard life.
With the bigger picture of his assemblage of sophisticated resources within and outside Anambra, to come into his state, and to help put government in motion, there is no better time to be alive and answer a proud onye-Anambra than now!

The Anambra governor-elect has shown a great promise by providing insights into his government. He is here not just to prove his capability as a renowned economist and development expert, but also to establish himself as a leader in facing some of our state’s most important challenges , as well as extending the big brother role in the face of defunct South East economy and leadership which is lacking of political direction as the much touted economic integration, leadership and development remained shark-infested.

There are no doubt on whether a Governor Soludo will set a new standard in delivering good governance or not, he will be a backbone in rebuilding accountability and trust in public service. His message of hope has gained applause and has produced a resonance among the citizenry. No wonder, his manifesto has been described as documents from the World Economic Summit and his transitional list defined as assembleage of the South East-South best.

Soludo’s vision consists of a large number of initiatives, a core government reforms, institutional rebuilding and need for adaptation. As Anambra transit to a post-oil world and into the 4th Industrial Revolution, ndi-Anambra are enjoined to work together to build upon the foundations of the State’s founding fathers to create that enjoyable homeland that is the industrial, technology, leisure hub and service-driven public service.


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