Every Aspirant in all the political Parties are contesting against Soludo. They are not contesting against their opponents in their Party oo but Soludo. Even those that will never smell their Party ticket, their problem is Soludo. Anything to bring Soludo down will give them joy. They have used blackmail on Isuofia hospital non of them paid a dime it didn’t work, they used his period in CBN it didn’t work, they call APGA leadership Cabal it didn’t work, now they do photoshop of Atiku/Soludo for 2023 and it will not work also.
But when God says Yes who are u to say no. Soludo is standing Tall in the midst of all the Aspirants in this Anambra Governorship election. Some desperados are emanating in both APGA and other Parties taking Statutory delegates on Oath and other diabolic things just to win Soludo. We are watching and monitoring them as they make their nocturnal dirty moves to win Soludo.

Soludo is Soludo

Soludo is Giant Octopus

Soludo is a GOAL

Together We Can✌ Omenankpo


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