Youth And Women Empowerment, Social Protection.
“The youth are the bridge to the future. The youth constitute the future of Anambra. Therefore, our transformation agenda is fundamentally focused on creating a Prosperous expected future for the youth, empowering them to function and be productive.
The primary need of the youth is jobs! Jobs! and quality Jobs!
Our target is to create at least 130,000 private sector jobs per annum and target at least 1000 youth Millionaires per year. Our Government will also take deliberate steps to ensure that the youths are adequately represented at all levels of governance” – Soludo

We Will :

  • Continue and expand the appointment and involvement of young men and women in governance.

Tell Them!

( Our Manifesto For A Greater Anambra)

Hon. Lion Tony Ezeigwe Rlli
Gen. Secretary, Soludo Support Group Lagos State


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