A simple stakeholders mapping reveals so much about the place of Soludo in the forthcoming APGA primary election. Now, when you mention “stakeholders” some persons begin to imagine the money bags and other big names within the Party, that’s not totally wrong though, but APGA as a party is owned by the ordinary people who are in self covenant to uphold it as the only political identity of ndi Igbo, nay ndi Anambra. Hence, can stake every and anything to preserve it.

With this in mind, it has become manifest that some of the usual political processes that take place in other parties, wherein Aspirants depend solely on their “financial capacity” and simulated personality to seek party nomination is absolutely alien to APGA. The Soludo project is styled after the true APGA tradition. A tradition of “peoplecentricism”. A tradition of “Akwudolu Eze”.

This is why diverging interests are converging in the most seamless way at the mention of Soludo. From Anambra North to Central down to the South, the demand is the same — The people want Soludo — Indeed, where the people are decided on a course, it becomes impossible to stop them.

Do I speak of the creative ways the people have fashioned out for themselves to make their will possible? This is unprecedented and a source of great concern to the opposition whose greatest desire is to thwart the people’s will by all means possible. However, we will continue to remind them that “Mmaduaburochukwu”

For a Greater Anambra, think SOLUDO!




— Mazi Ejimofor


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