Hon Obinna J Nwankwo MNIIS writes from Eziagu.

Having heard all the threats and Disclaimers about the disqualification of Hon Chukwuma Umeoji and others, I decided to say that his own disqualification is the best decision from whoever that effected it.

The reasons are;

1- His Governorship is a family catastrophy that would have been inevitable.

2- In the entire old Aguata, Hon Chukwuma Umeoji as a House of Reps Member created a history that is bad, disheartening and totally unacceptable.

3- He is a Mama-Thankio type of Politician.

As a family catastrophy that would have been inevitable, it is not a secret that his Political ambition is being sponsored by his Zenith Bank Sister. Whether the sponsorship is to do business with Anambra Money and push herself further ahead of her closest competitors in the race to Zenith Bank MD position is not the major issue here. The major issue is; Who would have become Anambra First Lady between his sister and his wife, peradventure he was dragged along like a baby who is being dragged to school by his parents into the seat at Agu-Awka? Having in mind that he who pays the piper dictates the tune.

If the wife tried to live up to expectations like Her Excellency, Chief Dr Mrs Ebele Obiano, her ego will clash with that of Adaora her husband’s brother and Ada will turnaround to blame his brother as a Weak Man, then, Hon Chukwuma would have Suffered that Emotionally. If Adaora overshadows her husband in decision and policy making, Hon Chukwuma would have had a boiling home, because the freshly Married wife could have just kept the temperature of the house at 900° C, and you know, Adaora won’t be throwing in Bank money just for Charity… In any case, Anambra couldn’t have condoned a Governor whose concentration was shattered by Wife-Sister Infighting.

2- If any former two-time member of House of Reps in OAU should have contested for Governorship of Anambra State, I say it without fear or favour, that it is not Hon Chukwuma Umeoji. Now see this.

Nze Chidi Duru went to House of Reps and Chaired House Committee on Privatisation

Hon Eucharia Azodo Chaired House Committee on Narcotic Drugs and Financial Crimes.

Hon Dr Okey Ude Chaired House Committee on Marine Transport.

Hon Ben Nwankwo (Ph. D) Chaired House Committee on Culture and Tourism. … These were the people who got second chances in to the Green Chambers.

Now, while a younger legislator like Hon Chinedu Obidigwe is already the Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Environment, Hon Chukwuma Umeoji could not even secure the deputy chairmanship of any single Committee, even if it is anywhere in Abuja that is not National Assembly, not to talk of Chairmanship This could be because he has no such Political will and sagacity to push for any position unless her sister and Dist. Senator Andy Ubah steps in. This was very worrisome to me.

3- As a Mama-Thankio Politician, it is not a secret that the sister had boasted of how much she spent to push the “highly beloved brother” to the National Assembly, maybe she is trying to make sure his dear brother is just Politically engaged.

In Old Aguata we know how Dist. Senator Andy Ubah “connected” him into house of Reps through a labour party that was found in non of the wards in Aguata LGA….. While the sister thought he should have stood on his own, she allowed him to run the second one by himself, but Hon Eucharia Azodo beat him black n blue.

Now I ask, was this the man people were campaigning for, to become our Governor??

A Political Soldier who went to the National Assembly and got no single feather on his cap?

Mbanu!!! Anambra couldn’t have voted an Honourable Dummy as a Governor.

Meanwhile, a man who came to an event with his own Bicycle is honoured more in Anambra than the one who came with his father’s Bentley.

Although the disqualification may have been due to obvious shortcomings in party processes and requirements for Governorship, but, I sincerely thank whoever that saved that family and the entire Anambra for such a patriotic decision.

God Bless Anambra.


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