By Izuchukwu Adichie.

Like the Gulder Ultimate Search which highlights the struggle of contestants against themselves in a search for a hidden treasure, the journey for who becomes the next governor of Anambra by the first quarter of 2022, has begun across political parties in the State.

Narrowing down to APGA, the ruling party and the third largest political party in Nigeria where governor Obiano’s successor shall emerge, early permutations suggests that amongst all aspirants, it is Professor Chukwuma Soludo whose aspiration was on Monday June 14 “certified cleared” by the NWC Screening Committee of the party, is the man closer to the November Victory and his party, headed to her fifth (5th) gubernatorial electoral success in Anambra.

Without doubt, opinions from the masses across political wards are indicating that the forthcoming gubernatorial election would be the easiest and may surpase the historic 21-over-21 that re-elected the incumbent for a second term in office as the call for Soludo’s consensus candidate roars amongst parties.

Soludo’s candidacy emerges as a favorite to win both the primary and post-primary elections, not because of him being a successful Nigeria’s Professor of Economists, or being a successful Nigeria’s Central Bank Governor which alone rates him high above other aspirants. We are aware of his age-long loyalty and commitment to the party. His trademark is being generally accepted at the grassroots.

In giving back to Akpokuedike on November 6, ndi-Anambra in their unionism have chosen a would-be governor in Soludo’s form. Ofcourse, he has asked delegates and voters to join him on the journey through a tough terrain to a promised land.

For being a savvy in politics, governance and leadership he would be that governor who takes a lot of understanding about a state, the people and who will navigate and influence the environment for the best outcome.

The train is coming to your doorstep. Why not join as we drive to win NOVEMBER 6?


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