It is clear that Cee Cee Soludo is a gentleman in a hurry to make positive changes that will make life better for the critical masses. He burrows in his studies thinking of Solutions like he did during the onsets of Covid – 19 and the Endsars protests. He has always been like that from his early days when he organised extramural lectures for younger students during long vacations.

He cares for the less privileged by ensuring that their children receive world class education that will give them the edge to compete in the new emerging world.

More important, is that Soludo uses appropriate public policies to upscale the living standards of the greater majority. This is what the banking consolidation, the SEEDS , the revamp of Mints and federal office of Statistics, the African Finance Corporation etc were all about- policies conceived and clinically executed to making life better and things easier.

The profundities of thoughts in the foregoing can only come from a man with a heart gold.

The APGA cap fits him and it is our hope that the APGA DELEGATES will do the needful.

Happy Sunday and be of good cheer.

Joe C Anatune
Anatune writes from Awa.


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