Everywhere he has had opportunities to speak to Ndi Anambra, Cee Cee Soludo has stated unambiguously that having served the World and Nigeria, he is now consumed and committed to serve Ndi Anambra. Unlike the others, there is no ambiguity where he wants Anambra to be headed to- the best livable one city state in Africa that will attract the world to come and live, invest, work and relax.

He is always thankful to God for lifting him from the rat race of poverty and want but owes it to Him to use the remaining days of his life to assist millions of others get out of the rat race.

The other day when he visited APGA Abuja headquarters to collect his nomination form, he waved an Economic wand with the nearly forgotten Okwete fabric. Many of us who appreciate where he is going cheered. The magic wand if you get our drift is job creation in both manufacturing, value addition , fashion and commerce. In short, the entire value chain of that industry.

Thoughts like these inspire and give us hope that oil or no oil, the prosperity of Anambra is guaranteed under a trusted and tested thinker and doer in the person of Cee Cee Soludo.

We hope this and many more of his attribuktes will not be lost on the APGA DELEGATES and that they will do us proud by doing the needful

Be of Cheer.

Joe C Anatune
Write from Awa.


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