It is a helluva task for brands to move from local to National and ultimately become a global brand. In football parlance, it means you are playing in the big leagues. It takes talent, patience and hard work to be in the world stage with all the concomitant perks and challenges.

At this point, nations and multilateral institutions will be seeking your advice just as they are doing with Soludo.

Take for example, when the world was grappling with 2008 global financial meltdown, he was one of the eggheads that was approched for a way out of the crisis that nearly brought the world to its knees.

Soludo had anticipated the crisis as CBN governor, took concrete steps that immune Nigeria from the adverse effects. A curious world did the right thing by seeking his advice and he expectedly delivered.

Regardless of his not being an APC member, The President appointed him a member of Presidential Economic Advisory Team on Self recognition. Governor Obiano followed suit by making him the Chairman of Anambra State 50 years development plan Committee.

So as governor of Anambra state Soludo will bring to bear all the national and global goodwill he has garnered over the years to make Anambra the best livable One City State in Africa and of course where the world will cherish to come to live, invest, work and relax. And where he will strive to lift millions out of the firm grip of poverty and want.

For Soludo, and unlike others, these are the issues in the ballot. We are therefore eagerly looking up to our ÀPGA delegates to reflect the wishes of Ndi Anambra and do the needful

Be of good cheer.
Joe C Anatune
Writes from Awa


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