Cee Cee Soludo has become a household name. He is the most popular and sought after among those contesting for Governorship in Anambra State.

A house comprises a housing unit and its occupants. Therefore for any person to have acquired a household name status, it means that person or brand is known by all the members of the household across a geography space. It further implies that the person offers positive values to the members of the household.

Cee Cee Soludo was a senior Prefect in his secondary, participated actively in his community’ s student union and in addition to excelling academically, was student union activist/Politican.. These are building blocks to what he is today.

Later his professional life as University teacher, author, global consultant, public servant, public speaker and community leader have contributed in swinging his reputation status to what it is today- a household name in finding Solutions to the multitudes of problems that confront us as human beings. Some describe him as a man that sees tomorrow and works to mitigate the negative fallouts.

Now let us illustrate with his Isuofia Community. For nearly two decades, Isuofia was embroiled in what appeared as an intractible community crisis. It took his ingenuity and sagacity to dream up a solution. Today Isuofia is living in Peace and harmony devoid of acrimony. This is his trademark in every endeavour he has undertaken- thinking, doing and providing solutions that bring smiles and happiness to people.

This is what Anambra will harvest when they elect him their governor. But first Delegates to the APGA June 23 should set the ball rolling.

Be of good cheer

Joe C Anatune
Writes from Awa


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