Cee Cee Soludo, is a gentleman in a hurry to get positive things done for the benefits of the critical masses. This is one of the reasons for the clamour for him to be our next Governor.

Nicknamed Lord Paragon in his secondary school days, his motto then- “speed and precision” succinctly underpins his worldview and outlook. It is only a man who believes in speed and precision that would have published enough scholarly articles in International reputable journals and magazines that qualified him a professor in his early thirties at the University of Nigeria. A natural and gifted writer, he had authored many game changing books in his field particularly.

Again, it is a only a man guided by speed and precision that would undertake an unprecedented consolidation of banks that entailed massive mergers and acquisitions in just 18 months to the dismay of many who did not believe it was possible and accolades of those who gave him a fighting chance.

In setting up African Finance Corporation, he performed the same feat. What the African Union could not do in years of trying, he did in matters of months.

Again, before he became Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria was printing its currencies abroad. In his usual speed and precision, he revamped the MINTS and today, our currencies are printed locally. Also within his short stay at National Planning Commission, he repositioned the National Bureau of Statistics for greater efficiency.

The foregoing and many more are the reasons why majority of Ndi Anambra are clamouring for Soludo for Governor. He sees tomorrow and with speed and precision, works sure-footedly towards migitigating solutions with little or no collateral damages.

Ndi Anambra is optimistic that APGA delegates will do the needful by giving them Soludo as the flagbearer of their party for the November 6, 2021 Governorship poll so that they can actualise their clamour for him by massively voting him as their next Governor. The body language and spoken ones support this assertion.

For now, be of good cheer. To our fathers, we salute you and wish you happy father’s day.

Joe C Anatune.
Anatune writes from Awa.


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