Sustainable development and growth like Siamese twins are birthed by proficiency and capacity for good governance in society. Thus, no nation, state or constituency can attain a positive
transformation without the effective representation of the people.

Little wonder, a lot of constituencies in Anambra State, among others, continue to recite the litany of lamentations on the lack of basic amenities, equity, parity and intelligence in the system.

Meanwhile, Awka North and South Federal Constituency is not spared, as it has over the years been overwhelmed by the loopholes of ineffective representation at the Lower Chambers.

It has, therefore, become crucial that in times like this, in the political history of Awka North and South Federal Constituency, the people team up in support of a new beginning, to inject a fresh personality ready to bring home the democratic dividends from the House of Representatives.

Thus, constituents from the 14 Wards in Awka North and 20 Wards in Awka South yearn for High Chief Dr Austin Ekweozor IDE UMUAWULU, as his benevolent waves of transformational agenda gather momentum towards the 2023 elections.

Ekweozor’s socio-economic and political antecedents are convincingly evident that he is eager and intellectually prepared to effectively stand in between the people and the Federal Government.

Thus, having been playing an indisputable role via his Foundation known as IDE GLOBAL MOVEMENT (IGM), in championing the course of the people within his financial wherewithal, the renowned Industrialist, IDE UMUAWULU has distinguished himself from his equals, who under the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA, are in the political race to represent the good people of Awka North and South at the Green Chambers.

Ready to change the ugly narratives of yesterday, Ndi Awka North and South have chosen IDE UMUAWULU and the All Progressives Grand Alliance must shun demagogues among other political detractors capable of stopping the party from getting a victory in the Green Chambers in the 2023 general election in Nigeria.

Positive transformations in AWKA NORTH & SOUTH FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY starts from you.

Support High Chief Dr Austin Ekweozor, (Ide Umuawulu, Nwanayoeze) for House of Representatives, Awka North and South Federal Constituency



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